Summary of All The Recent News on Mobile Attacks

Mobile devices are ubiquitous in today’s business world. As more people use their mobile devices for a range of everyday online tasks, from shopping to banking, the security threats to smartphones and other connected devices is only likely to increase. Seems like everywhere you turn, there’s news of another mobile security breach. And while most everyone understands that mobile devices can be hacked like any other computing device, many, even in the security field, aren’t as tuned into the significant level of mobile threat activity already taking place and the shocking growth thereof.

Here are a few recent examples worth considering along with the solutions that Staxx offers to tackle the growth of mobile attacks.

ThreatMetrix 2018 Q2 shows 44% growth in mobile threat; 27M mobile bot attacks, 58% of all financial transactions are mobile, and 51 million mobile-based financial attacks of almost every conceivable type; and even most web-based fraud is dependent on mobile device takeover (to manipulate 2 factor authentication). Staxx’s zIPS and zIAP solutions can address this. Please see Mobile Device & App Protection for more details on these products.

Tesco fined 16.4M for mobile app breach that happened in 2016:  zIAP addresses this.

Britain’s Conservative Party app leaks personal data of thousands of MP’s and conference attendees, faces 2M fine. z3A addresses this.

Gartner releases report on future mobile tech, names MTD the first and most fundamental ingredient in the mobile architecture

Russian government operatives use typical network attack for mobile devices on European government agencies. zIPS addresses this.

The leaders in New York City recognized that protecting their residents in the cyber world was just as important as protecting them in the physical world and took actions.  NYC launches NYC Secure.

With the rising threat of security breaches and cyber-attacks, securing mobile devices and data is no longer an option but the need of the hour. And as they say, change is the new constant – so it’s essential to keep your understanding of mobile security up to date and enhance your security posture time to time. Contact Staxx Solutions now for a mobile security assessment.

Source: Zimperium

Protect Your Industry

Cyber criminals often target employee mobile devices in order to use them as a gateway into the corporate infrastructure, increasing the risk of threats and data leakage. The industries representing greatest vulnerabilities are:

  • Banking
  • Education
  • Government
  • Hotels
  • ICT
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Multinational
  • Oil & Gas
  • Telecom

Note: Any enterprise or consumer that utilizes Smart Phone mobile devices, iPads and software applications requires these mobile security solutions.

Mobile Device Cyber Security

Secure Your Mobile

“Gartner is seeing advances in endpoint protection, upsurges in mobile malware, expanding attack vectors and API abuse, and steady concerns over data protection. To respond to these developments, security and risk management leaders should consider revising practices or purchasing new services”.

Download the report to read more.

Revenue Opportunity for Mobile Operators

In this highly interconnected market, mobile devices are under constant cyber-attacks, compromising business-critical data. Your organization is threatened by an increasing number of risks which make it imperative that you keep up with them and protect your organization. Security and risk management leaders must familiarize themselves with mobile defense solutions and plan to gradually integrate them to mitigate mobile risks.

We, at Staxx Solutions, provide our customers and partners with the best of breed in technology solutions which help to deliver cost-effective and essential security solutions for business. Formed in June 2017, Staxx has developed a wide network of channel partners, covering 43 countries across the Middle East and Africa.

Our solutions can also be offered via Mobile Operators to consumers and commercial customers, affording them an additional source of revenue, with a significant value-added solution of security. There are over 1.2 billion mobile devices in use throughout MEA. Our goal, as a distributor, is to provide focused and targeted cyber-security solutions to those devices.

For more details read “Mobile Security, an Opportunity for Mobile Operators” by our insightful CEO Shuaib Mahmud at Staxx Solutions Read More