Oracle CRM is one of the leading players of today’s CRM market which can boast with a robust and intuitive interface, and a variety of product lines and deployment models. As diverse as it is, Oracle CRM makes customer relationship management easy for businesses of all scales and industries, allowing them to optimize their sales processes, and boost sales productivity.

The tool is enabled to regulate and manage customer relationship all the way from lead qualification and categorization to opportunity tracking/management, including in the meantime forecasting optimization, analytics & reporting, and a set of powerful historical analysis for smarter business decisions. Information is properly organized, and easily accessible by everyone in the team, from any device. On top of that, Oracle CRM is empowered with strong, integrated marketing campaign management features, lead nurturing, and ROI measurement tools.


Social CRM
Customer data integration
quote and order capture
Partner relationship management
Price Management

CRM gadgets
self service and ebilling
Integration to Siebel CRM